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OK Baby 10+ Reclining Baby Seat, Silver/Blue

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The OK Baby 10+ Reclining Baby Seat in Black/Grey can carry children up to 22kg in weight and features a unique seat post mounting system that does not require the expense and weight of installing a rear rack on your bike. The reclining function makes it easy to fit your baby into the seat capsule and the lockable mounting system of the seat is always securely attached to the bicycle.

  • Attaches to the seat tube. Fits frame with a diameter of between 28 mm and 40 mm
  • The backrest can be inclined up to an angle of 15 deg
  • The seat automatically pushes with inclined backrest forward to the balance on the rear wheel to keep
  • Support system damps vibrations caused by road irregularities
  • Can be mounted horizontally in different positions on the support arm to ensure a proper fit on different types of bicycles
  • Height adjustable foot rests, back in 15 positions adjustable. The child can be the feet in the footrest. With seat belts fitted to prevent contact of the legs with the wheel spokes
  • 3-point belt in height in two positions and adjustable in length
  • A reflector on the back for increased visibility on the road
  • Thermoformed, water-resistant and weather-resistant seat and back cushions
  • The upholstery can be washed by hand in lukewarm water with mild soap
  • All ingredients absolutely harmless and non-toxic
  • Including frame holder with theft protection and support arm for secure attachment of the bicycle seat
  • Patented main assurance system: You can the back of the bicycle seat tilt, without it loses the focus to the rear, because the seat moves forward simultaneously. You can as bicycle seat in a resting position even when the child is sitting in the seat.
  • The seat can also be fitted on electric bicycles (e-bikes)
  • Developed and produced in Italy
  • TÜV GS tested and certified
  • Complies with all safety requirements of EN 14344 for bicycle seats