Zefal Shield S10 Road Bike Mudguard, Rear, Woolys Wheels, Sydney

Zefal Shield S10 Road Bike Mudguard, Rear

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The Zefal Shield S10 is a light, discreet mudguard designed for road bikes. Its integrated mounting system makes it easy to install on all types of standard saddle rails. A strong self-adhesive strap reinforces the hold of the Shield S10, protecting your backside from splashes.

  • Very light mudguard.
  • Quick mounting and removal.
  • Double-locking system under the saddle.
  • Compatible with all standard-rail saddles.
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Dimensions: 280 mm x 62 to 85 mm
  • Weight: 55 g
  • Mounting: Saddle-rail mounting
  • Wheel: 700C
  • Max. tire width recommended: 38 mm