Pro Team Gravel Bag for Frames, 5.5 L Capacity, buy now at Woolys Wheels Sydney

Pro Team Gravel Bag for Frames, 5.5 L Capacity

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The fully waterproof and lightweight PRO Discover Team Frame Bag is designed for bikepacking as a large storage solution which straps neatly within the front triangle of your bike. It features a 5.5-litre capacity, welded seam construction and is both light-weight, at just 135-grams, and fully waterproof. The Discover Team Frame Bag also boasts an anti-sway design to ensure it stays in place even on the roughest terrain.

  • Lightweight frame bag for bikepacking
  • Provides storage space inside the front triangle
  • 5.5l capacity
  • Fully waterproof
  • Welded seams
  • Anti-sway design
  • Weight: 135g