Pirelli P Zero Race Classic 700x26c Road Tyre Sydney Woolys Wheels

Pirelli P Zero Race Classic 700x26c Folding Road Tyre (Tube type)

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The Pirelli P ZERO™ Race is crafted to pack all the benefits of tubetype technology into a race­-ready all-rounder which outperforms all cycling clinchers that Pirelli have created before, tubulars included. After three years of development working with the fastest racers at the World Tour level, Pirelli designed this new tube type tyre with the new SmartEVO compound and the TechBELT casing technology to provide the Professional riders, as well as all cycling enthusiasts, with a superior product!


  • The tread pattern of P Zero™ Race is an evolution of the design of P Zero™ Velo: several seasons of research and developement on the roads of the World Tour led to a new design that enhances the behaviour of the bicycle in every weather condition.
  • Low rolling resistance.
  • Dry & wet grip.
  • Comfort.
  • Puncture protection.
  • Mileage.
  • Superior handling for extreme safety feeling.
  • Tube only installation (Not tubeless ready
  • Weight: 221 grams
  • Pressure: 70-100psi
  • Casing: 127 threads per inch


SmartEVO Compound

The new SmartEVO Compound uses a blend with 3 different polymers, each of them providing specific performance qualities to achieve the optimal balance of opposing characteristics, such as grip and rolling resistance. Pirelli took advantage of the expertise developed in over a 100 years of compound development in Motorsport, always racing its products at the highest level in each discipline. This vast R&D knowledge, allowed Pirelli to create a ternary polymer blend with “smart” performance characteristics for bicycle tyres as the base of the outstanding properties of the SmartEVO Compound, resulting in a better grip on dry and wet, while also providing a lower rolling resistance. Pirelli has created a performance compound designed and tuned for all the modern cycling road disciplines, from local or World Tour racing to epic adventures, where climate and road surfaces demand tyres that perform in all circumstances.

High performing casing structure with an added layer of high cut resistant fabric underneath the tread to provide superior puncture protection in a wide variety of conditions. The combination of this layer and the carcass plies makes this tubetype structure the most efficient in terms of rolling resistance and weight.