Cateye Flextight Micro Bell with Tool-less Fitting buy online at Woolys Wheels bike shop Sydney

Cateye Flextight Micro Bell with Tool-less Fitting

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Small but super-effective the CatEye OH-2400 Micro Bike Bell is just the thing to install on your front handlebars to warn pedestrians or other cyclists of your presence.

Made with solid brass the outer bell casing has a diameter of 22mm and is designed for tool-free mounting to 19-32 mm handlebars via the Universal FlexTight bracket. The thumb-activated lever creates a clear, resounding "ding" to catch people's attention.

To save handlebar space the Universal FlexTight bracket can also serve a dual purpose by allowing any front light or computer that uses the FlexTight Bracket to share this one so your handlebars stay clean and organised. It's very easy to install and exceptionally sturdy.

  • Fits Handlebar 19-32 mm in diameter
  • Material: Instrumental Brass
  • Weight: 22g