Add comfort, control and a fresh look with some new bar tape or grips

Buy new bicycle handlebar tape and grips at Wollys Wheels Sydney bike shop

Old bar tape or grips harden and get slippery with age and the effect of UV light which translates to less control and more vibration whether you own a road or mountain bike.  Good bar tape between 2.0 and 3.0mm thickness does a great job in filtering out vibrations whilst still retaining good road feel and with a lot of riders now choosing to ride sans-gloves, it's almost mandatory!

Woolys Wheels has a great selection of handlebar tape and grips from trusted brands like Supacaz, Specialized, Rapha, Pro,Oury, Lizard Skins and Arundel, so why not treat your bike to a fresh look.

Fitting new grips couldnt' be easier! Simply carefully cut the old ones off with a sharp knife and install the new grips with a little soapy water or hair spray or hand sanitiser. Just don't overdo it otherwise it will take some time to dry and may delay your ride!


Fitting handlebar tape is a little trickier but this great video from Park Tools neatly shows how to get the best results and is definitely a DIY job for most riders.

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