Thinking of upgrading your frame or wheels? Which yeilds the greatest performance advantage?

Whether you ride a road bike and enjoy training and amateur racing or blasting through forest single track on your MTB and are looking for a performance upgrade without replacing your complete bike, you would be wise to consider purchasing a higher quality, lighter wheelset because all the components influencing your cycling performance, nothing is more important than the wheelset. Performance gains include better acceleration and braking and aerodynamic advantages depending on rim profile.

Lighter wheels are faster simply due to reduced rotational weight. Any component on your bike which rotates (wheels, cranksets, chainrings and cassettes) has a rotational weight coefficient because you are actively working against its mass by expending energy to keep it in motion. Not the case with your bike frame!

So by reducing the largest rotating mass (your wheels), you can pick up gains in performance and the benefits associated with a more aerodynamic rim profile that is characteristic of higher-end wheelsets.

Higher-end carbon wheelsets also offer greater lateral stiffness than aluminium rim alternatives and will feel more precise to steering inputs and cornering feedback and are often hand-built for precision, feature higher quality bearings and a reduced spoke count that minimises turbulence and increases efficiency.

In summary, a wheelset upgrade allows you to access multiple performance advantages in a single purchase: better rotating efficiency, ride quality and aerodynamics.

Contact our store and ask for some expert advice as to which wheelset will provide the best advantage for your particular riding style and budget.

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