Suffering occasional knee pain? Cycling foot beds may be the answer...

If you have experienced mild knee pain especially on the inner knee when cycling, the culprit may be inner foot arch collapse which can be often remedied by installing foot beds. We supply Specialized Body Geometry foot beds that have been scientifically tested to improve hip, knee and foot alignment and maximise the efficiency of your power transfer to the pedals.

Specialized SL Foot Beds come in three different colours indicating different levels of arch support and feature high quality foam that avoids compression so you get long-lasting performance.

  • +Red = minimal contours for riders that prefer minimal support
  • ++Blue = moderate support for riders with flat to standard arch
  • +++Green = significant support for riders with standard or high arches

If you are local to our Paddington store, drop in and we can determine which footbed is optimal with our digital footbed device.

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