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Moon Meteor X Auto Pro Front Light 450 Lumens

Moon Meteor X Auto Pro Front Light 450 Lumens

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The Moon Meteor X Auto Pro headlight combines long run time with a bright 450 lumen output through a precision optical lens to ensure excellent illumination day and night.
  • The Meteor Auto X front generates up to 450 lumens of light
  • Meteor Auto Pro features 1 Cree XML U2 LED.
  • The circuit board on which the Cree LED are mounted is copper coated. The copper coating helps manage the temperature and aid performance.
  • To aid in reducing the temperature in the system, the Meteor Auto Pro comes equipped with a CNC heat sink to help disperse heat away from the light.
  • The new safety mode means that once the battery level falls below predefined level, this selects the brightest mode that guarantees 1 hour run time to get you home.
  • The Moon memory mode function ensures that when you turn you light back on, it returns to the last selected mode
  • The double shot daytime flash mode provides an ultra-bright option combined with exceptional run times ideal for standing out during the day and night
  • The integrated light sensor means the light can be set to auto mode which means the light will turn and off automatically in relation to the surrounding light conditions.
  • The quick release batteries and magnetic battery cover mean the batteries can be swapped quickly when on the trail.
  • The high precision optical lens provides high clarity light
  • The Meteor Auto Pro's design the light is visible from the side as well, with a beam angle of 84 degrees.
  • Water resistant

Run times:

MODE 1  •  450 lumens  •  1:30                                 
MODE 2  •  250 lumens  •  3:00                                 
MODE 3  •  150 lumens  •  5:00                                  
FL 1  •  100 lumens  •  20:00                              
FL 2  •  300 lumens  •  18:00                                
DAY FL  •  700 lumens  •  45:00                        
SOS  •  100 lumens  •  24:00