Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro, Black Woolys Wheels Sydney
Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro, Black
Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro, Black
Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro, Black

Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro, Black

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The Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro in Black is a revolutionary hybrid road and triathlon bike travel bag for very safe and convenient bike transportation. The advantages of a classic hard shell case an a soft pack bag are brought together in this design:

  • Optimised protective function
  • Minimal weight
  • Can be folded up
  • The fragile areas are optimally protected by intelligent reinforcing elements (polycarbonate covers, moulded EVA shell cases, PE boards and rods, foam padding)for the neuralgic points
  • As the frame is positioned upright, the areas of the bike that can take stress (saddle, saddle post, down tube, front set, head tube, fork) are actively used to deflect pressure from the exterior
  • The wheel compartments and the major part of the frame weight are in the rear section of the bag, which means that the centre of gravity is located over the wide and stable trolley parts. Because of this, it is extremely easy to pull the BIKE TRAVEL BAGS; and the multiple and usefully positioned handles make handling easier when loading the bike.
  • The GRP rods and plastic rods can be dismantled, so the BIKE TRAVEL BAGS can be folded up and stowed away.


  • Capacity: 300l
  • Weight: 11kg (incl. BIKE STAND)
  • Size: 92 x 130 x 32 cm
  • Bike fitting proof – only wheels and pedals needs to be removed.
  • Extra light and ultra safe hybrid construction – collapsible.
  • Easy to travel with – thanks to extra wide wheel chassis, clip on wheel and multiple handles
  • Including new ROAD BIKE STAND for easy fixation and extra safe transport
  • Maximum wheel base: 106 cm
  • Maximum cockpit width: 50 cm
  • Maximum saddle height: 86 cm (distance between lower part of chainring and top part of saddle)