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Arundel Gecko Grip Bar Tape, Black

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Arundel Gecko Grip Handlebar Tape is made from cushy EVA foam and ventilated polyurethane in a laminated, layered construction. Texturing the surface has nearly eliminated the slippery feel you can get when your bar tape is worn and shiny. The strip of adhesive backing in the underside of the tape does an excellent job of holding a properly tensioned wrap in place, as the extra grip means you will naturally twist the tape more than normal.

Gecko Grip has slight indentations in its surface and rubbery feel making it grippier than regular cork tape. It lays flat on the bars when wrapped and has a slightly thinner loft than cork tape. It doesn't absorb sweat as easily as many other handlebar wraps, and the textured surface means you always have a contact surface, with water shedding off the top edge of the tape. Gecko Grip's polyurethane lamination allows you top wipe off excess water or mud with ease. This makes Gecko Grip is also perfect for cyclocross, or those daily commuters who brave every condition.

  • Tacky, uniform, no-slip feel, thin bar tape wraps one set of handlebars
  • Easy to clean when wet or dry, excellent durability
  • Adhesive backing keeps the tape in place
  • Includes shifter clamp strips and two bar end plugs
  • Weight: Averages 75-80 grams per set