Tacx Neo Smart Home Trainer Woolys Wheels Sydney Paddington
Tacx Neo Smart Home Trainer Woolys Wheels Sydney Paddington

Tacx Neo Smart Home Trainer

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The NEO Smart is the most powerful and silent indoor trainer to date. It is the only real direct drive as it does not contain any physical transmission like a roller or belt. The NEO is also the only indoor trainer that can simulate different types of road surfaces.

Most silent, accurate and realistic trainer to date
The NEO’s innovative working principle has been the key to mastering the contradiction of being able to create a very powerful yet silent trainer. To optimize power efficiency from pedal to motor we eliminated all physical transitions, no belt, roller or wheel.

Power: 2200W

Accuracy: <1%

Tacx Smart trainers use the Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ FE-C protocol for communication which allows them to be controlled by third-party software. The software receives the speed, cadence and power from the trainer and controls the brake.

Train in Isokinetic or Isotonic mode
Training for an even pedal stroke is difficult. The same goes for building power in your stroke by training at a high wattage and low cadence. This is why we have developed the Isotonic and Isokinetic training modes for the NEO trainer in the Tacx Utility app.

Road surface simulation
Experience the feeling of riding on cobblestones, gravel and off road, all while you are indoors. You feel the vibrations of the road surface in your legs, exactly the way it would feel outdoors. This entirely new feature is unique to the NEO and can be used with some Tacx Films, virtual worlds and Zwift.

Firmware upgrades
With the Tacx Utility app you can always benefit from the latest firmware for the Tacx trainer and check the connection with other devices. When an update is available, you receive a notification and you can decide whether you want to update your trainer.


  • Interactive Smart direct drive with motor brake
  • Magnets: 32 Neodymium magnets
  • Transmission: None
  • Electrical requirements: 110-240 Volt , Mains power optional
  • Power indicator: Multicolour LED , Spot on floor
  • Connection indicator:L (ANT/BT) 2 LEDs
  • Firmware upgradable: Yes
  • Suitable cassettes: Pre-2018: Various Shimano, SRAM & Campagnolo cassettes
  • Post 2018: Shimano & SRAM: 8 t/m 11 speed. Campagnolo body sold separately
  • Suitable axles: Width of rear fork: Race 130mm, MTB 135mm. Adapters for other widths available
  • Supplied with: Front wheel support , Quick release for road bikes and mountain bikes (5mm)


  • Max. power: (40 km/h) 2200 Watt
  • Max. slope: 25%
  • Simulation of descent: Yes
  • Max. torque: 85NM
  • Max. brake force: 250N
  • Flywheel: Virtual
  • Flywheel effect: Variable to 125kg
  • Calibration: No calibration required
  • Footprint (lxw): 575×750mm
  • Height: 550mm
  • Dimensions when folded: 620×260×440mm
  • Weight: 21.5kg
  • Note: Cassette NOT included. Can be purchased separately here