Collection: Specialized Jett Childrens' Bikes

Kids move fast, and grow faster and sometimes the right bike for a young rider is a delicate balance between too small, too big, and a short-lived just right. The Specialized Jett is designed to maximise the time children can spend with the same bike and is designed with child-specific touch points that withstand the development of young riders. The Jett is uniquely adjustable, perfectly proportional, and child-liftable.

The Specialized Jett range features an adjustable handlebar that allows kids to fine tune reach as their arms grow. Multispeed models feature 2-hole position cranks combined with longer seat tubes give plenty of flexibility to dial-in the optimal pedaling position whilst the frame design and included components make the Jett one of the lightest bikes on the market, making it easier to pedal and more fun to ride!