Collection: Roval Performance Road Wheels

Just released by Specialized, The Roval high performance carbon tubeless road bike wheel range sets the bar for what to look for in a new set of wheels. The holy grail of aero performance, lightweight and stability is now available.

The range includes:

Roval Alpinist CLX II
A pure climber's dream, the new Alpinist CLX is the lightest road clincher wheelset Roval have ever made. When climbing, mass is the enemy of performance, so the Alpinist CLX is pared down to the absolute minimum to capitalize on every precious watt of energy without sacrificing any of the strength, ride quality and durability that are crucial to long term performance and satisfaction. The result is a 1250-gram tubeless wheelset with otherworldly ride quality.

Roval Alpinist CL II
The Alpinist CL II utilizes the same rim as the Alpinist CLX II. They react to even the slightest increase in power with immediate acceleration and carve the purest lines in the corners, yet they can also handle almost double the impact standards of every certifying body. The result is a 1375-gram tubeless wheelset with an otherworldly ride quality designed for real-world road pressures.

Roval Rapide CLX II
Since 2020, Rapide CLX wheels have won more races on the World Tour than any other wheels, and now they are even faster. Combining the aerodynamics of a deep-section TT wheel with the light weight of a shallower climbing wheel and mixing in the superior efficiency and sublime handling of a tubeless system - the Rapide CLX II delivers maximum speed for real-world riding. Rim depth 51mm. Wheelset weight 1520 grams!